Energy Clearing for Divorce


When you go through a life event like divorce, it changes everything. Nothing, including you, is ever the same after. Mostly what you do is push through and try to survive the day to day. But there comes a point in time when you may wish to pause and take stock of what happened and is happening in your life.

This ritual is designed to honor all that you have been through and all that you are becoming.

Either in a sacred circle of friends or by yourself, you will get to name all that you’ve felt and experienced, and continue to feel and experience. You will allow it all to burn in a fire ceremony and be transmuted into your new self. As a healer, I will hold the space for you and walk you through naming what needs to be named, clearing what needs to go, and help you initiate new intentions for a new you and a new life.

The ritual lasts 1.5 hours and consists of fire preparation, releasing of what needs to go, intention setting for the fire, fire and final meditation. I will use visualizations, EFT, tuning forks, and/or energy healing as I am guided.

One-on-one in Durham, NH or via Skype.

One-on-one or up to 10 people in your home, within a 40 mile radius of Durham, NH.

Please contact me to schedule your clearing after your purchase.



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