I am Love Mala


This is for the love-hippie who weaves every aspect of her life with the pure vibration of love.

Faceted rose quartz will work with your heart chakra to amplify your love, allowing you to see and love your own shadow and the shadows of others.

Cherry quartz will add a dimension of self-compassion that leads up to self-love.

Lotus flower symbolizes being fully present and awake right now. Reminding you of an enlightened presence right here in your daily life.

All accessory beads are Sterling silver, symbolizing the embodied feminine power.

108 is a symbol of being one with this moment and everything in it (1), attaching to nothing (0), and remembering to dwell in the infinite light in and around you (8,∞).

8mm beads.

It goes great with the I am Love Bracelet.

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