Mantras of Love and Light Card Deck


44 love mantras to remind you of the love you are.

What if every day begins and ends with love? What if you are able to hold an intention of love in your heart and mind in times of trouble? What if love and light are all you care about creating more of in your life?

Some of these mantras come from my daily mantras on Instagram. Most of them were born with/for this deck. The name ‘Mantras of Love and Light’ fell into my heart one summer night in 2016. I have fallen in love with inspirational intuitive decks at first sight years ago. Just by picking a card, you can connect with a love and light filled intention, and follow your inner knowing to pick the one that fits you at that moment. This card deck is a dedication to love and light filled beginnings and intentions.

I kept the cards decidedly simple to enhance the power of the words, words to feed your soul and fuel your heart-centered intentions, desires, and inquiries.

I wish with all my heart that you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed bringing them to life.

With love and light,



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