Replenish Your Well – A Sacred Site Ritual and Meditation


Replenish your well with a visit to one of Earth’s vortexes: America’s Stonehenge. In this magical land of astronomically placed stones and ancient rituals, we will let go of what we don’t need and receive exactly what we need.

Here’s what we’ll do. Our time there will include intention setting and an explanation of how to approach sacred sites for maximum benefit. Each of us will then have a chance to spend alone time in the Oracle Chamber (the center of the site with the highest intensity of energies). We will complete our visit with another sharing circle to ground our elevated energy and spirits in Earth’s and our hearts’ wisdom.

For more information including dates and times, please visit this site.



  1. Kamal Prem

    While in Oracle area felt the vibrations and could hear tones. Magical place especially when 3 deers showed up for me. Thank you Damla for guiding us to the American Stonehenge.

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